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Bored with the same old formula-bound scripts written by Hollywood hacks recycling the same stale material?  Tired of hackneyed sequels with ho-hum titles like "2," "3," and "4.25"?  If so, you're probably looking for a production-ready script for your next film -- something definitely not out of the same bag as the others.  Stanley Lombardo Screenplays can provide original, high-quality properties in a variety of genres,  from Romantic Comedy to Action-Adventure, from Science-Fiction Fantasy to Ecological Thriller.  My scripts will meet or exceed your most demanding expectations.

Similarly, you will find my alternative-history series, The Crosstime Adventures of Carter Paxton a refreshing change from superhero mashups.  Originating with the highly rated screenplay, this series of novels now includes four titles:  Paxton at Bosworth Field, Paxton in the New World, Paxton versus the Armada, and Who Murdered Shakespeare?  You can find them online, at Amazon, or at Dog Ear Books, in Russellville, Arkansas.  See the "About Us" page for synopses of these books.

Click on "About Us" to see the newly added Hotsheet for my Epic Fantasy "The Kartaphilos Chronicles:  the Saga of the Wandering Jew."  You'll also find Hotsheets for two more of my latest scripts:  the Romantic Comedy "Meet Me at the Cineplex" and the Sci-Fi adventure "Paxton at Bosworth Field."  I'll shortly be posting Hotsheets for "Granny Goodwine" (my revisionist vampire script), "Thirsty Blade" (a Japanese-style thriller tracing the bloody path of a Muramasa katana blade), and my ecological thriller "Jurassic Cat" (think a cross between "Jaws" and "The Ghost in the Darkness").  Check back frequently.

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