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I come from a long line of natural storytellers: my paternal grandfather was the village poet of Petra Prezzia, Sicily.  Born in Buffalo, NY, I hold a BA in English from SUNY Buffalo and a Ph.D. in Medieval Studies from Indiana University. Between times, I did a hitch in the U.S. Navy.  I've written novels, short stories, poetry, and technical manuals, but my true love is screenplays.  I teach at the university level; specialties include film studies, screenwriting, Chaucer, and Shakespeare. I'm a single father with a five-year-old son who gives every indication of carrying on the family tradition of storytelling.  In my infrequent spare time, I make knives, swords, armor, and arrows, as well as various other artifacts in wood, leather, and steel.

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Last spring, with the crossover Science-Fiction Western Cowboys and Aliens nearing release, my agent advised me to novelize Paxton at Bosworth Field. I completed the novel in JAN 2012; naturally, the longer format and novel form enabled me to expand on the original characters and action, as well as to introduce new characters and episodes -- all of which contribute significantly to the story. Paxton at Bosworth Field is now available through Amazon.  You'll find the link below: 

Order your copy today!  E-mail me requesting a signed bookplate, and attach a scan of your Amazon (or other bookseller) receipt, and I will send the autographed plate to your snailmail address.  A Kindle version will be released shortly.

Hotsheet for The Kartaphilos Chronicles

by Stanley Lombardo

Keywords: Wandering Jew, Epic, Action-Adventure, Fantasy, Immortality, Reincarnation

No. of Pages: 120

Software Used: Word 2000 & 2007

Logline:  Epic fantasy.  An immortal warrior returns to Jerusalem to claim his heritage and search for his beloved.  He and his modern Sicarii wage guerrilla war against the United Islamic Caliphate until they have liberated the Holy Land and restored the Kingdom of David.

Synopsis:  In 2015, Kartaphilos the Wandering Jew, returns to Jerusalem to claim his kingdom and seek his lost love, Shelomith. He arrives at the moment of Israel’s surrender to the United Islamic Caliphate, ruled by the charismatic Mahdi. Attending the disarmament ceremonies, Kartaphilos meets retired General Mel Kozminsky and his niece, Shelly Herrod, who is the reincarnation of Shelomith. Shelly invites him to her archaeological dig at Masada.

At Masada, Kartaphilos saves Shelly and her crew from Islamic terrorists, by calling in his private army of Sicarii.  Later, Kartaphilos tells Shelly his history and the story of the curse that has made him immortal…

Galilee and Judea, 7 – 27 A.D. Cousins Jesus and Kartaphilos agree that one of them must be the Messiah. Kartaphilos joins the Roman legion to study war, but Jesus undertakes religious studies, believing that the Messiah must be a sacrificial lamb. Their paths diverge until Good Friday, when, as centurion of the crucifixion detail, Kartaphilos must conduct Jesus to Golgotha. When Jesus stumbles under the weight of the cross, Kartaphilos urges him ahead, saying, “This is what you wanted, Cousin: hurry to your destiny.” Jesus replies, “I will go, but you will tarry until I return.” And Kartaphilos: “I will tarry, but your return must wait until I have conquered my kingdom.” Shelomith, now a follower of Jesus, witnesses this exchange; at the foot of the cross, she renounces her love for Kartaphilos.

For 2000 years, Kartaphilos studies war, accumulates wealth, and searches for Shelomith.  When he returns to Jerusalem in 2015, he recruits and trains his army of Sicarii patriots to fight a guerrilla action against the Caliphate. The Mahdi recognizes Shelly’s importance to Kartaphilos and has her abducted. As Kartaphilos and his Sicarii launch their final assault against the Caliphate, they rescue Shelly and destroy the Mahdi’s palace. The reign of Kartaphilos, King of Israel, has begun—but will it usher in the Second Coming of his cousin, Jesus?

Editing: I am the sole author of the screenplay. I edited the first draft based on suggestions made by agent “Light-Horse” Harry Lee.

Other: The Kartaphilos Chronicles is the 21 Century's first significant treatment of the 1500-year-old legend. It deals with the themes of love, reincarnation, and immortality as seen in film classics such as Highlander and various treatments of the immortal-vampire theme.

“Meet Me at the Cineplex”

by Stanley Lombardo

Keywords:  Romantic Comedy, Meet-Cute, Shakespeare, King Lear, Classic Cinema, Preston Sturges, Frank Capra

No. of Pages:  120

Logline:  Family comedy.  A dying film director’s eccentric will requires his three daughters to marry within six weeks, at a movie theatre, to qualify for their inheritance.  In a frenetic race against time, each daughter deals with her quest in different ways, with hilarious, unexpected results.

Synopsis: Classic film director ROY LEAR is dead – at least he wants his daughters DRUSILLA, REGAN, and CORDELIA to believe so.  His video testament specifies that each must find a suitor willing to propose and marry in a movie theatre; the first to wed will win one half of the estate; the second, three eighths; the last, one eighth.  Studio attorney NORMAN KENT, who secretly loves Regan, explains they have six weeks to fulfill these terms.

The Lear daughters scatter.  Drusilla alternates between trying to collar any willing male and attempting to negate the will; the latter leads to her meeting lawyer KAYE FRANZ, and the two become friends. . . and perhaps a little more.   Regan hires on as executive assistant at an engineering firm, where Kent turns up in disguise as a Tazmanian expert on earthquake-proof buildings.  Cordelia escapes to Sausalito, where she meets BEAU BEAUCHAMPS, who falls deliriously in love with her.

In the helter-skelter climax, the sisters and their mates all meet at the Bijoux Theatre, where they find that their father is not only alive but has been stage-managing their affairs all along.  He blesses their marriages, with Cordelia first, Regan second, and Drusilla third.

Other:  “Meet Me at the Cineplex” is a comic treatment of William Shakespeare’s King Lear, as well as a tribute to the directors and films of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

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"Paxton at Bosworth Field"; or, "The Cowboy and the King"

by Stanley Lombardo

Keywords:  Science Fiction, Time Travel, Western, Medieval, Romance

No. of Pages:  120

Logline:  Western fantasy with a Mark Twain twist.  A sharp-shooting buffalo hunter rides into an Apache medicine cave and emerges in medieval England.  His nineteenth-century weapons, array of native-American skills, and knowledge of Shakespeare enable him to change the course of history.

Synopsis: Pursued by Apaches, Carter Paxton rides into a medicine cave and emerges in medieval England. With him, he brings a Sharps buffalo gun, a Winchester rifle, a pair of Colts, and two books that will change the course of history. Paxton rescues a
lone hunter from ambush by armored men, then learns that the hunter is
Richard III.

Returning to the palace, Paxton meets Lady Joanna; the chemistry between them is explosive. At dinner, Paxton and Joanna run afoul of Thomas Stanley and the Duke of Buckingham – Richard’s greatest enemies, now also Paxton and Joanna’s.

With the Battle of Bosworth approaching, Paxton fabricates breech-loading rifles and trains an elite force to use them. Buckingham’s henchmen kill Richard’s son, Edward; Paxton pursues Buckingham and kills him. Queen Anne falls into a profound depression, which Paxton cures through a Navajo Healing Way.

At Bosworth, Paxton’s dragoons repulse a major attack. When Stanley is about to defect to Henry Tudor’s side, Paxton kills him with a 1500-yard shot from his Sharps. Tudor attempts to escape, but Joanna kills his horse. Tudor surrenders, and Richard spares his life.

Richard agrees to Joanna and Paxton’s marriage and approves Paxton’s expedition to the New World.

Other: This story is an homage to Edgar Rice Burroughs' Mars novels, John Ford's Westerns, and Shakespeare's "Richard III."

I hope you've enjoyed a taste of these two dynamic scripts.  You'll find both of them featured on Anton Diether's Hotlist of 10 Best Scripts (, under Comedy and Western, respectively.   Contact Anton or my agent, Mary Bluestone, at, to request complete screenplays or to discuss these works.  I look forward to seeing you again! Check back later for new updates to this website.
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